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December 4, 2006 - Beta Launch Webcast

The launch of Beta was celebrated with a webcast describing the site and demonstrating the site's powerful collaborative vocabulary management features. Revelytix, Inc. created and hosted the webcast, which was well attended.

During the webcast, Andy Evans (CEO, Revelytix) and Mr. Michael Lang (Director, Revelytix) gave an overview of, which is a web site where people can collaborate on formal, shared vocabularies. Knoodl is strongly community-oriented, allowing people to form their own communities of interest and to then contribute and manage their content.

After the introduction, Mr. Randall Hauch (Chief Architect, Revelytix) showcased the site with a brief tour and a demonstration of the vocabulary management and wiki features of the site. Mr. Hauch showed how communities are self-governed, and how people can request to join communities. Then, Mr. Hauch showed how existing OWL ontologies can be easily uploaded and documented using Knoodl's unique combination of formal semantics and wikitext markup. Finally, Mr. Hauch showed the ease with which the vocabulary can be edited, including how multiple people can simultaneously contribute to the same vocabulary.

The slides from the webcast are available, as are the questions and answers (below).

Questions and Answers

The audience was able to submit questions, which were then addressed by the Revelytix team.

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