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A Vocabulary is a type of Book that describes a single vocabulary. It is used to define a set of concepts and the relationships between those concepts. Thus, through a Vocabulary, a user can give a concept semantic meaning.

A Vocabulary is, at its core, an ontology editor, but is much more. A Vocabulary is a fully collaborative environment that allows multiple users add formal semantic content, unstructured wiki content, and development/discussion content.

When building a vocabulary, a user is able to reference concepts and relationships defined in other Knoodl Vocabularies. This allows user to separate and organize their content in many ways. For example, a community could create a general vocabulary defining "Road Vehicles" and more specific vocabularies defining cars and trucks. This directly relates to the creation of domain ontologies and upper ontologies.

A Vocabulary is stored using the OWL ontology language. This allows user to export there Vocabulary for use in other semantic applications.

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