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A Wiki is a type of Book that allows users to create pages and add content to and format pages as they see fit. The Knoodl Wiki is a collaborative environment and follows subscribes to the same functionality that you would find in any wiki. It differs, though, in its wikitext language and authorizations.

The Hawaiian word wiki wiki means quick, and a wiki is a type of web site used for quick collaboration. This term originates with the first wiki product, and is now associated with any web site that has pages that can be modified by the users of the site, using only their browser. Wikis have become popular in recent years for general Web users (e.g., Wikipedia and for companies, as many companies have set up wikis for use as an editable intranet. A page within a wiki is called a wiki page, and the set of pages are collectively referred to as a wiki.

For a more detailed history and explanation of a wiki, see the Wikipedia article.

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