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A wikitext language is a markup language that provides a simple alternative to HTML when writing pages in Knoodl and other wikis. Wikitext is the text written in this language.


There is no commonly used or accepted wikitext markup language. The grammar, structure, features, keywords and capabilities are dependent upon the wiki software used. For example, wikitext languages have a simple way of hyperlinking to other pages on the site, but the particular format and style of these links varies in different wiki software. Early wikis used a camel case format for automatic recognition of the links. However, modern wikis have abandonned this approach in favor of explicitly identifying links (for example, with "[[" and "]]").

One of the most widely used wiki software products is MediaWiki, which is the engine behind the very popular Wikipedia online encyclopedia. While there certainly are most simplistic wikitext markup languages, the MediaWiki markup language is designed to be readable and easily editable, yet provide sufficient richness to give the authors significant flexibility and power to control the appearance of the page.

The Knoodl wikitext markup language was based on the MediaWiki wikitext language. The idea was that those users already familiar with MediaWiki or Wikipedia would have very little learning curve with Knoodl and would be able to get started quickly. However, as Knoodl offers functionality beyond MediaWiki, certain extensions are required. In particular, Knoodl has communities and books into which the pages are partitioned, and thus the inter-page linking conventions, while similar to MediaWiki, do require some alterations.

Like other markup languages, the Knoodl wikitext language is used to mark up text with symbols and markers that tell the rendering engine how to format, stylize and organize the text. This help book outlines these techniques and conventions.

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For more information and help on Knoodl's wikitext language, see the Wikitext Book.

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