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What is a Book?

Knoodl supports many different communities having and owning their own content. But rather than have all of the content within a community be mixed together, Knoodl groups collections of pages into books, making it easier for readers to understand the content and for the community to maintain and organize its content.

Books allow the community to organize their pages into meaningful collections. The term Book was chosen simply because a book is a collection of pages.

A Book is collaborative environment within a community where community members can create pages and add content to those pages. Each Book adheres to a set of permissions defined by its Community. Any Book can reference any other Book within Knoodl(within the limits of permissions). This allows users amazing flexibility in organizing all of their content.

A Book can be one of the following types:

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a type of Book that allows users to create pages and add content to and format pages as they see fit. The Knoodl Wiki is a collaborative environment and follows subscribes to the same functionality that you would find in any wiki. It differs, though, in its wikitext language and authorizations.

The Hawaiian word wiki wiki means quick, and a wiki is a type of web site used for quick collaboration. This term originates with the first wiki product, and is now associated with any web site that has pages that can be modified by the users of the site, using only their browser. Wikis have become popular in recent years for general Web users (e.g., Wikipedia and many others) and for companies, as many companies have set up wikis for use as an editable intranet. A page within a wiki is called a wiki page, and the set of pages are collectively referred to as a wiki.

What is a Vocabulary?

A Vocabulary is a type of Book that describes a single vocabulary. It is used to define a set of concepts and the relationships between those concepts. Thus, through a Vocabulary, a user can give a concept semantic meaning.

A Vocabulary is, at its core, an ontology editor, but is much more. A Vocabulary is a fully collaborative environment that allows multiple users add formal semantic content, unstructured wiki content, and development/discussion content.

When building a vocabulary, a user is able to reference concepts and relationships defined in other Knoodl Vocabularies. This allows user to separate and organize their content in many ways. For example, a community could create a general vocabulary defining "Road Vehicles" and more specific vocabularies defining cars and trucks. This directly relates to the creation of domain ontologies and upper ontologies.

A Vocabulary is stored using the OWL ontology language. This allows user to export there Vocabulary for use in other semantic applications.

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