Managing Communities
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This page provides some useful tips for managing communities.


Creating the Community

After you've searched for existing communities and found none that suit your needs, you may create your own community. To do so, simply select the "Create New" link under "Communities" in the main menu, and follow the instructions. You, as creator, will be given full administrative privileges

Creating Wikis and Vocabularies

Creating new wikis and vocabularies is done by following the appropriate links on the main community page, and following the directions. If you don't see any links on the main community page, then you do not have privilege to create new wikis or vocabularies.

Destroying Wikis and Vocabularies

Contributors have the ability to permanently destroy wikis and vocabularies that belong to the community. If you have the privilege to destroy a wiki or vocabulary, then you will see "Delete this vocabulary" or "Delete this wiki" links next to each vocabulary and wiki (respectively) in the main community page. Simply click on one of these links to destroy that vocabulary or wiki. If you do not see such links, you do not have the privileges to perform this operation.

When you click on one of the "Delete" links, you will be taken to the main page of the vocabulary or wiki, and a special notice will appear at the top of the page, stating what you are about to do and prompting for confirmation. If you choose to not continue with the delete, nothing is done. However, if you choose to continue the delete, one final confirmation dialog will appear. Only when you accept this second confirmation will the wiki or voculary be destroyed.

The member will automatically be assigned the roles for "default new members". If these are to be changed, then a Community Administrator needs to grant the new permissions.

Adding Members

When users view the main page of a community, they may see slightly different things depending upon whether or not they are members of that community. If the users are already members, they see in the "Members" section a link to view the list of community members. However, if the user is not a community member, then they see in this section a "request to join this community" link which, if they follow, presents them with a Request Membership form. When they fill out and submit this form, then all Community Managers will get an email stating that the user has requested membership in the community, and that they may approve or deny the request. The approval or denial takes effect immediately.


Permissions define what members and non-members can do within a community. For more information about privileges, see the documentation.

Destroying the Community

We plan to provide the ability for a community administrator to destroy the community, although this feature is not yet available.

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