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Revelytix, Inc. is building the tools necessary to enable Ontology-Driven Information Management (ODIM), the next generation of information management technology. Ontologies are already being incorporated into the core infrastructure of the World Wide Web via the Semantic Web which is based on RDF and OWL. In the near future all large enterprises will manage significant aspects of their enterprise via ontologies and most web portals will run on one or more domain specific ontologies.

Our products add meaning to information and enable the intelligent navigation, integration, and semantic ontological interpretation of structured and unstructured information from myriad sources spanning databases to web content.

Our people are some of the most experienced in the industry. They bring with them extensive knowledge in the use of metadata, data integration, application architecture, the use of sophisticated algorithms in problem solving, and software packaging and marketing. Each recognizes the importance of ODIM and its unmatched ability to solve effective platform interoperability.

Our organization involves experienced individuals brought together by a common vision to develop a company capable of providing breakthrough software products that solve real world problems.

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