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What's new on Knoodl?

RSS Feeds

Use your RSS reader to monitor the changes that occur to communities, wikis, and vocabularies. To subscribe, click on the image/RSS_Feed_Icon.png RSS icon appearing in the menu. The community home page has a link to subscribe to activities within the entire community, including changes to any of its wikis or vocabularies. The vocabulary or wiki summary page has a link to subscribe to activities on any of its pages. Each individual page has a link to subscribe to activities only on that specific page.


Vocabularies are made visible with a beta version of our new intelligent graphics. Click the "graphics" tab at the top of any vocabulary page to examine and explore the structure of your vocabulary. The graph expands as you explore deeper into the vocabulary structure, and hides the terms that are remote from your point of interest, keeping the graph free of clutter. Use the right mouse button to reveal a term's properties or to navigate to its page.


We have a new screencast that is a great introduction to Knoodl.com and a great way to get started. It's about 12 minutes long, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Yes, it is now possible to control what users can see and do within your community. Community administrators can now grant and limit the privileges for each of the community members. In fact, they can even control what non-members and users that haven't logged into Knoodl can do and see within the community.

By default, every member of a community should be able to do what they've been able to do. However, community administrators can change this, so please be aware that your community administrator may be changing your privileges.

Who are community administrators? Well, they're members of the community that can administer the community, the privileges in the community, and even the existance of the community. If you created a community, you are now the community administrator. And if you want, go ahead and let some other members you trust be administrators, too.

We've also tried to clean things up a bit by removing links and buttons to things that you can't do anyway. For example, if you don't have privilege to do edit page, you don't even see the edit tab. So, again, if some things seem to have dissappeared, please check with your administrator.

Context Menu

Check out the new context menu that appears just below the main menu. This context menu changes to include some of the relevant things you can do based upon the page you're looking at. So, if you're viewing a page in a vocabulary, you'll see things like "Create new class" and "Create new property" or even "Delete this resource". If you're a community administrator, you'll even see some of the administrative actions in the menu.

Reuse Vocabularies

Now, a Knoodl vocabulary can reuse other Knoodl vocabularies through a mechanism we call vocabulary import. You can add and manage which vocabularies are imported through the summary page for your vocabulary. Simply define the namespace for the vocabulary that you want to import, give Knoodl the location of the other vocabulary, and ... voila! Everything in the other vocabulary is not available in your vocabulary, properly namespaced so that you can easily tell which resources are which.

Knoodl vocabulary imports works the same way as OWL imports, so if your vocabulary was imported from an OWL file that contained owl:import statements, then half of the work is already done for you. Simply edit the summary page of your vocabulary, and give Knoodl the location of the other vocabulary.

One thing to be aware of: vocabulary imports makes use of namespaces, so make sure that you're defining your namespaces and prefixes to make things easy for yourself ... and on everyone else in your community!

Improved ASK Wiki Function

We've improved our handling of the {{ASK}} wiki function. Learn more....

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